Exchange Puzzles with your Neighbors... easy, local, fun!

Latest News:

7/15/17: TONS of new puzzles and a giant new box!

How It Works

It's easy!

  1. On the designated exchange days (usually Saturdays, see dates to the right), drive to the exchange location.
  2. Bring a puzzle.
  3. Take a puzzle from the bin by the curb. Leave your puzzle in the bin.
  4. Sign the log before returning your puzzle.
  5. Enjoy new puzzles without the cost!

Exchange Location

Christina's House
6206 Salcon Cliff
Austin, TX 78749
P:(214) 417-5679

Upcoming Exchange Dates

Times are not could be out there earlier than 9am or out later than 7pm.

Next 3 dates:

9am to 7pm

9am to 7pm

9am to 7pm

Email List

Sign up for email list (no spam, just info on the puzzle exchange, completely optional - but I highly encourage it in the event that we need to track down a puzzle)

Basic Rules

  • No limit to how many puzzles you can bring or take - but be courteous to others who want to participate.
  • You can keep the puzzle for as long as you need to get it completed (you don't have to come each week), but be nice to neighbors - if you don't have time in the near future, bring it back for others to use.
  • New puzzles to the exchange: Include a copy of the puzzle log with your puzzle so we can have fun tracking where it's been! There are printed copies in the bin, or you can print one here.
  • Puzzles should have all the pieces. If a piece is missing, please note it on the log and notify the original owner so they can take it out of circulation.
  • The bin is located by the curb or on the porch on the designated days. Just come by whenever it is convenient for you! The bin is brought in other times to protect the puzzles from weather and vandalism.

Some of the puzzles in our inventory

Our Puzzle Box

A recently completed puzzle

About the Circle C Puzzle Exchange

I conceived of this idea after doing 7 puzzles in two weeks with my family. I quickly realized to keep this up we would have to buy new puzzles every week. That could really add up over time! So, how does my family get new puzzles on a budget? Trading with neighbors of course! Hence the Puzzle Exchange was born.

Happy puzzling!!!

- Christina Harder